Friday, January 2, 2009

HUMAN EVOLUTION STAGE II {continued} World Economic Collapse?

It is almost amusing to watch humanity groveling over money which has no intrinsic value to begin with and living in fear of what is of only relative value becoming worthless - hence creating a typical self-fulfilling human nightmare. And to whose benefit? The power brokers of your planet have no morals, principles or ethics - they are a true 'underworld' - The only thing wrong with the world economy is THEM! If they are not exposed for the demons they are they will continue to lead the world deeper into depravity, block all progress, and ultimately destroy you and themselves in the process. Again let me stress the point "the created is never independent from the creator" hence the hell they create will be their own to burn in - If this sounds like an old fashioned human religious concept - it is BUT it stands the test of time. "Everything changes but all stays the same". The enlightenment that I am trying to impart is more than just a benign gesture of goodwill from an alien - it is an attempt to save humanity from it own self-destruction.
-Alien Commander Omd I

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  1. I nearly happened in the sixties.
    There were three attempts on the Earth, any one would have exterminated us, with the exception of a few survivors reserved for a form of unimagineable slavery.
    We were saved by Alien Adepts from the other planets, and without help from any galactic fleet.